the Quraish were sub-divided into several Clans. Bani-Hashim was one of them, and was held in great esteem and Reverence by the people. They were Descendants of HASHIM, a Reputed personality , who wielded great Influence over the Population. He welcomed Pilgrims, provided Food and Supplied water, kept in leather bags. He was in a way the AMEER or SHERIF of MAKKA. It was he who managed to obtain a Mandate from the Great Rulers of ABYSSINIA, EGYPT and SYRIA for the Quraish to move freely in their countries in connection with their Trade and Commercial enterprise. He also journeyed and visited Centres of Arab Tribes and secured Pledge from them that the Quraish who were traders and Businessmen, would not be Molested or Maltreated within their Zones of Influence and territories. In return the Quraish traders would provide the Tribes with essential commodities and other articles useful and necessary for life. Hashim was a prominent Figure among the tribes of Arabia.”

Note:Hashim is the Great Grand father of our Beloved Prophet(SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM)

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