IBRAHIM(ALAIHIS SALAM) IN SEARCH OF GOD?Ibrahim(Alaihis Salam) observed that the day dawned and night turn into day, the stars Wanned and with the rise of Sun, they vanished from sight. He cried out :”Such material phases of life are not worthy to be taken interest in.”Then the night prevailed and his eyes caught sight of bright MOON.”Is it a vision of GOD?”thought He. When this also disappeared if cried out :”Had Allah not shown me the Right path I might have lost my way to the Truth.”Then he Turned towards the SUN.”Is it worthy to be a GOD?”thought he. But the Darkness of night hid him, tithi so bright and illuminating. His inner voice and rational sense at once announced :”THE LIGHT OF CHERISHER KNOWS NO DARKNESS.”He said :”I bow to the LORD who brought the Heaven and Earth into being and all their splendour. Then he addresses the people thus :”Bid farewell to your un-godly creed, and saying Good – bye to such false Gods, I bow before HIM who is the LORD OF ALL LORDS. God chose him to be His Prophet and revealed upon him the realities of Heaven and Earth and ordained him to preach the Message of TAUHEED, Unity of God.”Subhan Allah, We can find out WHO IS GOD so easily? Even If Allah had not sent His Messengers on the planet, still a mere observation led us towards the ultimate Truth, like how Ibrahim(Alaihis salam) finds the Truth.


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