Ibn Ishaq states that Haleemah narrated that she along with her husband and a suckling babe,
set out from her village in the company of some women of her clan in quest of children to suckle.
She said:
It was a year of drought and famine and we had nothing to eat. I rode on a brown she-ass. We also
had with us an old she-camel. By Allâh we could not get even a drop of milk. We could not have a
wink of sleep during the night for the child kept crying on account of hunger. There was not enough
milk in my breast and even the she-camel had nothing to feed him. We used to constantly pray for
rain and immediate relief. At length we reached Makkah looking for children to suckle. Not even a
single woman amongst us accepted the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) offered to her. As
soon as they were told that he was an orphan, they refused him. We had fixed our eyes on the
reward that we would get from the childs father. An orphan! What are his grandfather and mother
likely to do? So we spurned him because of that. Every woman who came with me got a suckling
and when we were about to depart, I said to my husband: By Allâh, I do not like to go back along
with the other women without any baby. I should go to that orphan and I must take him. He said,
There is no harm in doing so and perhaps Allâh might bless us through him. So I went and took
him because there was simply no other alternative left for me but to take him. When I lifted him in
my arms and returned to my place I put him on my breast and to my great surprise, I found enough
milk in it. He drank to his hearts content, and so did his foster brother and then both of them went
to sleep although my baby had not been able to sleep the previous night. My husband then went to
the she-camel to milk it and, to his astonishment, he found plenty of milk in it. He milked it and we
drank to our fill, and enjoyed a sound sleep during the night. The next morning, my husband said:
By Allâh Haleemah, you must understand that you have been able to get a blessed child. And I
replied: By the grace of Allâh, I hope so.

Subhan Allah.
Plz share this, so that all of us know the Miracle of our Prophet(sallallahu alaihi wasallam)


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