Dear Sister:
Do You Know That?
You Can’t Do Wuzu If You Have Nail Polish On!
And You Are Not Clean (Paak) WithoutRemoving It Before Doing Wuzu Or Taking Shower To Do Ghusal..
Think If You are not clean(PAAK)then what about your prayers? Surely for prayers first condition is Cleanliness, and Also when you cook food etc the Barkat will also be not there in that food.
You Must Aslo Know That….
When You Use Nail Polish.
Always Keep It In Mind That You Are Not Sure Of Your Life Even Of One Second !!!
If You Use Nail Polish And During This State, You Die Then You Must Remember, It Won’t Remove Because Human Body Becomes Cold After Death And No Solution Can Remove This. And Without Removing Nail Polish, Your Dead Body Will Not Be Clean (Paak) Even After Taking Bath And You Will Be Buried In Filth So Please Avoid Using Nail Polish…
Must Share And Tell All The Females inany manner.
Jazakallah khair.
Plz share and inform to all Muslim sisters and to Muslim brothers also so that they can inform to women present in their houses


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