What Ramadan Teacher us?

What Ramadan Teacher us?
When Ramadan Masha Allah starts everyone is rushing towards Masjid,
Offering Taraweeh and many Muslims who didn’t offer prayers in Odd days, will also Rush to Masjid and offer 5times Prayers in Masjid in congregation.
Islam is the Religion of Nature. When Ramadan starts, we Do Suhoor and IFTAR,
we can’t do Suhoor after the Adhan of Fajr and also we can’t do Iftar before the sunsets.
These things teaches us the Time table,
One of the teachings of Ramadan is Time Table , importance of Time.
Islam in every field teaches us the importance of Time. And on the Day of Judgement we will be asked about TIME, we have to be accountable of Every second.
But Its very sad to Say that
MUSLIMS DOESN’T FOLLOW TIME TABLE, they don’t have importance of time.
So think and utilize our time in Good deeds and in reformation of Society.
Just keep in Mind that Every second of our life is precious than Pearl. So utilize in Good ways. This time can Make our Akhirat or it can Destroy our Dunya and Akhirat both. This is in our Hands.

Just Ponder on what have said above.


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