Attributes of Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam

Hind bin Abi Haalah (Radiallahu anhu)
descirbed the noble features by saying: “He had great qualities and attributes in him, others also
held him in high estemm. His mubarak face shone like the full moon. He was slightly taller than
a man of middle height, but shorter than a tall person. His mubarak head was moderately large.
His mubarak hair was slightly twisted. If his hair became parted naturally in the middle he left it
so, otherwise he did not habitually make an effort to part his hair in the middle. When the hair of Rasulullah
(Sallallalhu alaihe wasallallam) was abundant, it used to pass over his ear- lobes). Rasulullah
(Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) had a very luminous complexion (colour), and a wide forehead. He
had dense and fine hair on his eye brows. Both eye brows were seperate and did not meet each
other in the middle. There was a vein between them that used to expand when he became angry.
His nose was prominemt and had a nur and lustre on it. When one first looked at him, it seemed
as if he had a large nose, but looking at it carefully showed that the lustre and beauty made it
look large, otherwise in itself the nose was not large.”
His beard was full and dense. The pupil of his eye was black. His cheeks were full and full of
flesh. The mouth of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) was moderately wide. (He did not
have a small mouth). His teeth were thin and bright. The front teeth had a slight space between
them. There was a thin line of hair from the chest to the navel. His neck was beautiful and thin,
like the neck of a statue shaved clean, the colour of which was clear, shining and beautiful like
silver. All the parts of his body were of moderate size, and fully fleshed. His body was
proportionately jointed. His chest and stomach were in line, but his chest was broad and wide.
The space between his shoulders was wide. The bones of his joints were strong and large
(denoting strength). rather those parts of the body that were not covered by his clothing were also bright and shining,
compared with those parts of the body that were covered by his clothing. Between the chest and navel there was
a thin line of hair. Besides this line neither the chest nor the stomach had other hair on it. Both
sides, the shoulders and the upper portion of the chest had hair. His forearm was long and palms
were wide. The palms and both feet were fully fleshed. The fingers and toes were moderately
long. The soles of his feet were a bit deep. His feet were smooth, because of their cleanliness and
smoothness the water did not remain there but flowed away quickly. When he walked, he lifted
his legs with vigour, leaned slightly forward and placed his feet softly on the ground. He walked
at a quick pace and took rather a long step. He did not take small steps. When he walked it
seemed as if he was descending to a lower place. When he looked at something he turned his
whole body towards it. He always looked down. His sight was focused more to the ground than
towards the sky .
“Here the gaze of the killer hasn’t lifted modestly.
There the hand of the lover rest on the heart of the deceased”
His modest habit was to look at something with a light eye,i.e. he looked at a thing, with modesty
and bashfulness, hence he did not stare at anything. While walking he asked the Sahabah
(Radiallahu anhum) to walk in front, and he himself walked behind. He made salaam to
whomsoever he met”

Our role model is our prophet[pbuh] in the above hadis it is described how he looks. We should now try to look like him not like the others.


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