¤¤¤¤Qualities which are NATURAL to Human beings¤¤¤
There are 10 Demands of Pure nature :
1. Trimming the Moustache,
2. Letting the Bread Grow,
3. Using Miswak,
4. Snuffing up water into the nose(in ablution),
5. Clipping the Nails,
6. Washing the bases of the finger joints,
7. Plucking the Under arm hairs,
8. Removing the pubic hairs ,
9. Removing impurities with water from affected part after a Call of Nature.”
The Narrator of Hadis said : I forgot the tenth but it might possibly be the Rinsing of the mouth(in ablution) (BUQARI AND MUSLIM)
In another hadis of Buqari CIRCUMCISION is also there.


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