Who is Shakeel Bin Hanif?

Who is Shakeel Bin Hanif?

He belongs to Darbhanga, Bihar, He has some degrees, For the purpose of seeking job he went Delhi. In Delhi he attached himself with A Deeni Jamat. Since, He was greedy of Position and , that’s why he didn’t remain attached to that Deeni Jamat for a long period of time. But with his buttering talk he trapped some simple people of that Jamat, till he made his small group. After making a group in some areas of Delhi he started propagating his misleading (gumrah kun) sayings among Muslims. Because of that he was beaten and expelled from Delhi. Then any how he returned Delhi and now he started propagating his misleading theories from a house in Laxmi Nagar.
From the followers of Shakeel Bin Hanif there was a great mayhem and turmoil in Aurangabad. As a fallout of this disturbance caused the conspiracy of Shakeel Bin Hanif and Police men, even today many Muslims are behind the bars. Out of the Aurangabad town, near Police academy in “Pade Gaaun” area they colonized “Rahmat Nagar”, in this only those people can settle who believe that Shakeel Bin Hanif is Mehdi and Maseeh. Among Muslims of Aurangabad and followers of Shakeel the difference is like that, how the difference is in between Muslims and Qadiyanis.

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