Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood, Kurmaguda, Hyderabad

Alhamdulillah Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood RA ka faiz Aam hai. College ke talaba ko behad mufeed aur job karne walon ke liye bhi

Bajrai Online Solutions

Madrasa Abdullah Bin

Today Bajrai Online Solutions is blogging about a famous Islamic Institution which is delivering its services for those people who want to become Aalim (Islamic Scholar) but they are busy in their modern education or in Jobs. For those people who are busy in morning hours and who are aged Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood is the Ray of Hope for them.

Abdullah Bin Masood
is meant to impart Islamic education to those people who are engaged in
pursuing modern education or are employed or retired and is
not able to pursue AALIM Course because of their routines in morning
like Doctors, Engineers, Businees men etc.

In 2001
Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood was established under the management of Al Mahad Ul Aali Al Islami Hyderabad.

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