Particular punishments for Particular Actions after death!

Particular punishments for Particular Actions after death!
Bukhari reports the Messenger of Allah[peace and blessings of Allah be upon him] to have said :
” I had a dream tonight that the two men came to me, caught me and escorted me towards a sacred land.
¤There I saw a person sitting and another one standing and having a spincers in his hand. He is tearing his one jaw upto the NAPE of the neck and repeats it with another one. This excercise continues. When I asked about it the persons with me asked me to move ahead.
¤I passed by a person who was lying and another person standing nearby with a heavy STONE in his hand. The Man with the stone breaks his head with the stone with terrible Force. When he hits the Stone rolls up to a distance. Before he could collect the stone his head becomes Intact. This exercise is going on.
When I enquired about it, the persons asked me to to go ahead.
¤I then arrived at a CAVE which was like an OVEN, Narrow from Above and Wide at the bottom. It Had BURNING FIRE and NUDE MEN AND WOMEN. When the Fire Raises they are also Raised and were likely to come out of it, but soon they go down with the Fire setting below
When I enquire about, they ask me to go ahead.
¤Thereafter I arrived a CANAL of BLOOD. I find a person standing at the centre, and another person standing at the BANK of the CANAL with stones lying Nearby. Whenever the person in the Canal attempts to come out, the Man at the bank hits his FACE with the STONE so forcefully that he goes to the Starting point.
On enquiry they ask me to move forward.
¤Now I come to a Garden. It has a Big Tree and an old man with some Children is sitting under the tree. Another person is found BLOWING with the BELLOWS the Burning fire nearby. Thereafter these two persons make me go up by Climbing on the tree. There is a house at the centre of the house. They lead me inside the house. I had never seen a better house.
It Accomodated many men, women , children , old and Young ones. Thereafter they make me come out of this house and lead above into a house which was more BEAUTIFULL. It had Old and Young persons.
At last I said to both of them,
They Disclose to of the following:
1. The person whose JAWS were Torn apart was a LIAR.
He told a Lie and his fabrications would find Circulation FAR and WIDE. Thus He will be getting the Same punishment till the Day Of Judgement.
2. The Person whose Head was going to be Broken was the One who was taught the Holy Quran, but he kept on Sleeping IGNORING it During the Night and did it so in the Day. He will be treated like this till the Day of Resurrection.
3. And those whom you Saw in the CAVE of FIRE were the FORNICATORS(ZINA KARNE WALE).
4. Men in the CANAL of Blood were those Living on INTEREST.
5. Man under the tree was HAZRAT IBRAHIM[peace and blessings of Allah be upon him] and Children were the Immature Children of the People.
6. The person who was found BLOWING the FIRE with the BELLOWS was the MASTER of the HELL.
7. The First house you Entered was that of MUSLIMS in general and Another One belonged to the MARTYRS.
I am JIBRIL and this is MIIKAIL. Thereafter I saw a White Piece of CLOUD over my Head. They Said that it was My House.
I asked they to leave me to Enter my house . They said that My Lifespan was yet to be completed hence I could not enter that house otherwise I might have been allowed to do So.”
So Be safe from the punishments after death. Repent to Allah. Repent what you have done from SINS like Lying, back biting, fornicating, stop taking Interest and more.
And do apologise to people who you have hurt and whose back biting you have done.
May Allah Guide all of us the straight path and give us his Guidance.