Qadyanis are kaafir

Many people are in a misunderstanding about
qadiyanies that ” it is also a sect of islam, just they are
having some conflict in some trivial and secondary
affairs, which is also found in other islamic sects.”That’s
why they slink away from admiting that qadiyanies are
Murtad (infidels) and are non-muslims.
However it is wrong to think that ‘qadiyanath’ is one
of islamic sects (Muslims of other school of thought).
Such type of thought is due to lack of knowledge and
awareness regarding the basic princples of islam._ It is
very unfortunate that many muslims don’t have the
correct knowledge of islamic fundamentals.
It is an admitted fact that ” each and every religion
have its own princples and beliefs, which are the
peculiar and distinctive features of that religion.” It
means on the basis of these princples that religion is
recognised and distinguished from other religions.
Therefore islam is also having some basic beliefs and
laws. If any one sticks himself to these fundamentals
and have conflict in other matters then such a conflict is called as a “trivial conflict” and such a person is still in
Islam and he is named a muslim. But if any one have
conflict with these principles itself and had crossed their
limits, then such a person is no more a muslim, he will
be treated as murtad (infidel) or non-muslim. This type of
basic conflict is found between the muslims and
qadiyanies so the qadiyanic sect is infidel and is out of
islam. We will postabout it so that this basic difference will be
explained to some extent, so that the misunderstanding
of muslims may get away and the real matter may be

As i’ve proved with Quran and Hadis before, now i’l show basic differences in my Posts in shaa Allah.